New Weapon for Alicia

Alicia’s new weapon, the Novera CC1-1212 Modified, is now available to unlock for all Raiders of the Broken Planet players. You can obtain its blueprint in the Short Fuse mission.

The Novera CC1-1212 Modified is a customization Alicia applied to her old Novera shotgun, expanding the drum magazine size to accommodate a new ammo type developed by Konstantin. Alicia took also great care on embellishing the weapon, adding new motifs to the barrel and a grinning skull carved into the magazine.

Along with this new weapon, our blue-haired Raider’s most popular skin -Umbra Wardog- is 40% off until February 11!

Alicia and her mercenary crew joined the Umbra Wardogs after their arrival to the Broken Planet. Their first missions consisted on assaulting Aleph convoys along the Hades Division supply lines. During those days, Alicia wore her signature yellow leather jacket, being instantly recognizable on the battlefield -their enemies often taking that clue to flee on the opposite direction!