Patch Notes 08

Hades Betrayal first data patch is mainly oriented to both bug fixing and mission balance.


Ayana could throw her cable so far than she could instantly pull off the hooked enemy. We want players thinking up different strategies when using Ayana's power.

- Greatly decreased distance at which she can throw her cable (-15 meters)


Antagonist spawn points in this mission were a bit awkward. This prompted us to make a big revision of every Antagonist spawn point in the game, which will be coming with the patch after this one.

- Antagonist spawn points have been reworked.

A Fistful of Sand.

The Protector's walk to the first phase lift still had too much impact on difficulty.

- Decreased enemy spawn rate after finding the Protector.

The Beast’s Lair

Starting enemy difficulty would sometimes cause the Raiders to be stuck at the spawning point.

- Decreased the initial number of enemies.

A Low Blow

The last phase is proving a bit too difficult. We're happy with the final horde of the level and the frenetic situations it creates. We want to boost those feelings, so Raiders end up screaming when completing the mission.

- Decreased initial number of Hades Division soldiers of the final phase (-3).

- Increased Wardog spawn rate when the Raiders arrive at the last barrier (+25%).

- Decreased life points of the last barrier (-10%).

Double Agent

The first phase of the mission can sometimes drag for too long, with Schneider changing sides continuously so that the Raiders could neither win nor lose.

- Decreased enemy spawn rate during the first phase when playing against an Antagonist (-15%).

- Schneider will hack the consoles faster if the first phase drags out.

- Reduced crystal laser-beams AoE.

Character cards

We want players having more options to configurate their favorite characters earlier than they currently are.

- Decreased level requirements to draw and shuffle character cards (28/34/41/44 to 18/28/34/42)

Melee combat

We detected some situations in which melee rules could be inconsistent.

- Several features and fixes have been implemented to improve melee consistency.

XP Boost Packs

- Previously, you could purchase 3 XP Boost for 12.000 Gold. Now you purchase 4 XP Boosts for 16.000 Gold.

Bug Fixing

- Fixed a bug causing Mikah's Overexposure talent give the decoy almost infinite regeneration.

- Fixed a bug causing some O.Tsiklon shoots to disappear.

- Fixed a bug that made Shae's weapons' targeting unstable against Schneider's and Aneska's mechs.

- Fixed a bug that made Shae's weapons' unable to target some extractors on Short-Fused.

- Fixed a bug where the Antagonist's spawn points would cycle in the wrong direction on No Reservations.

- Fixed a rare bug where the Beholder's tentacles could be destroyed in just one shot by any weapon.

- Several fixes on bugs caused by host renegotiations.