Raiders Report 019: Blue Stories

Focus on dauntless Alicia.

One of the first names on Harec’s list of possible recruits for his Raiders was Alicia. A former Umbra Wardog mercenary who should have been broken by her past, but whose inner strength made her fight back with teeth and nails (and shotguns).

Alicia’s mercenary outfit joined the Umbra Wardogs shortly after their arrival to the Broken Planet. Her comrades admired and trusted General Marmalade, the Wardogs’ leader, but something in Alicia’s gut instinct made her wary of the General’s plans of enhancing his fighting force thanks to his experimentation with Aleph Plasma. Alicia’s suspicions proved right when her former team turned on her and she barely escaped with her life. Now Alicia seeks to avenge herself and her dead friends and put an end to Marmalade’s megalomaniac dreams as part of the Raiders.  

10 New Character Cards

Alicia’s all new Character Cards are tailored with team play and survivability in mind, gaining extra advantage by giving close support to other Raiders and retaliating after being harmed.

- Elation: Alicia’s double-jump flotation lasts longer if she has another Raider nearby.  

- Support: Alicia reloads faster when she is near another team member.

- Arrogance: Alicia strikes harder and delivers more damage if she is close to another Raider.

- Escape: Double-jump flotation lasts longer if Alicia has just being hit.

- Elusive: Alicia recovers health if she double-jumps right after being hit.

From Wardog to Raider

Contrary to Harec, Alicia underwent several changes during Raiders of the Broken Planet’s early concept stages. A more savage, primal version of her was later polished and styled into the blue-haired, bitter yet inspiringly strong and fun woman we know today.

One of the most popular skins in Raiders of the Broken Planet is Alicia’s Umbra Wardog. During her early days on the Broken Planet, Alicia wore her signature yellow leather jacket, being instantly recognizable on the battlefield -their enemies often taking that as a clue to run away the opposite direction! You can get Alicia’s Umbra Wardogs skin 40% off until Sunday, February 11!

Alicia excels as a close support, fast moving character. Her outstanding agility and speed marks her as the ideal choice for capturing objectives and hunt down enemy elites and Antagonists. To that end, Alicia’s weapons of choice are close ranged but powerful shotguns able to shred enemies with ease in close quarters, finishing any unlucky survivors with a melee follow-up.

Alicia’s new weapon, the Novera CC1-1212 Modified, is now available to unlock for all Raiders of the Broken Planet players. You can obtain its blueprint in the Short Fuse mission.
The Novera CC1-1212 Modified is a customization Alicia applied to her old Novera shotgun, expanding the drum magazine size to accommodate a new ammo type developed by Konstantin. Alicia took also great care on embellishing the weapon, adding new motifs to the barrel and a grinning skull carved into the magazine.

If you haven’t tried playing with Alicia, you are missing a lot of fun! The perfect way to get started with her is watching the great #DevShout video focussing on the best strategies, weapons and loadouts to use.

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See you on the Broken Planet, Raiders.