Raiders Report 018: Pale Raider

An in-depth look into the Raiders’ leader.

Harec. the Pale Rider. The Red Death. He is the undisputed leader of the Raiders (Lycus might question his command from time to time, but mostly to bust his balls). For years, Harec guided his nomad clan peacefully, but the Human invasion put an end to that.

A Hades Division death squad assaulted his caravan and massacred his people, leaving Harec badly wounded. He managed to crawl inside a nearby temple to bleed out alone in the dark, but an ancient power contained within healed his wounds and awoke a power within Harec; a Power he would use to avenge his murdered kin and eradicate the Human scum from the surface of the Broken Planet.

The latest #DevShout video explores Harec’s role on the battlefield, and offers great advice about how to get the most out of this deadliest of snipers. Carlos Fraguas, Gameplay Programmer at MercurySteam has all the answers.

10 New Character Cards

Today we are also releasing 10 new Character Cards for Harec, 5 normal Cards and their rare counterparts, to make sure you find the customizable option that suits best your gaming style!

- Favor: When you kill an enemy with an overcharged shot, you earn several seconds of invulnerability.

- Habituation: You recover Stalking time by killing enemies while being in that state.

- Revenge: Your weapon causes more damage after returning from the Stalking state.

- Swift: Allows a faster reload while being in the Stalking state.

- Reprisal: Your weapon causes more damage for several seconds during the Stalking.

The Evolution of Harec

Harec was among the first Raiders to be designed during the pre-production of the game. As you can see in these early concepts, the Concept Art team had a clear idea of how they wanted the Raiders’ leader to look from the very beginning, having changed very little from initial sketches to the final rendering.

The team experimented with different iterations of Harec’s gear. Several ideas were finally discarded, while others made it into different alternative skins for the character, like the Red Death or the Headhunter outfits. 

Harec’s role on the battlefield was always that of the sniper. His weapons needed to be instantly recognised as long rifles, that Harec modified to interact with his powers, imbuing each bullet with Aleph for a more devastating shot. 

Have any tips or strategies of your own for Harec? Make sure to visit our Facebook, Twitter and Raiders of the Broken Planet official forum and share them with the community! 

See you on the Broken Planet, Raiders.